The most effective way to help see a Yes result is to talk with people who you care about and who trust you. You have an opportunity right now to use your voice to bring a First Nations Voice to Parliament. 

Whether with your friend, neighbour, family, or colleague, every time you share why you support the Voice, and invite others to consider their decision, you can help achieve significant justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

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When your conversation is about deep listening to one another, sharing from your heart, asking open questions, and allowing space for personal reflection, you can create safe and respectful conversations that can be part of changing the future of Australia for the flourishing of all people. 

We know that many people don’t have lots of time to host large gatherings or plan a community event, which is why we’ve created a very simple Conversation Guide, outlining a number of reasons Common Grace supports an Indigenous Voice to Parliament and a change in the constitution.

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When these conversations are multiplied across the nation, we can quell the doubts, inspire hope, and share God’s heart for the flourishing of all people. 

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