Thank you for your support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice and committing to vote YES at the upcoming referendum on Voice.

Right now, Australia has a once in a generation opportunity to move forward on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice, and each of us has a crucial role to play in helping achieve this through supporting a YES vote. We need to be speaking out in our communities and networks to ensure a referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament is successful. A majority of voters across the country and a majority of voters in a majority of states (known as a double majority) need to vote YES for the referendum to be successful. Every vote counts. 

Please share your support for a YES vote.

Share a YES social tiles across your social media with a short statement on why you support a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

Invite others to listen deeply to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian leaders and share their voice of support. 

Tag us @commongraceaus with #ListenToTheHeart #VoiceAndJustice2023 #Yes23 and direct people to

 Download social tiles below