We invite you to reflect on Safina Stewart's beautiful series of graphics below and see how you and your faith or church community can creatively engage in developing your own communal artwork using Safina's graphics as you listen and engage with the Voice in 2023. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with non-Indigenous people sitting together at a campfire - a place of sharing, safety, listening and welcome.


Heart of appreciation and invitation


Glowing Fire honouring the many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices that have spoken up for justice.


Two people in a nurturing relationship representing the need to embrace diversity.

Shield of safety and protection representing the need to take action on injustice


Meeting Place representing the coming together from different spaces for respectful listening and action towards Voice, Treaty and Truth-telling.

Gum Leaf representing the gift of welcome and healing reconciliation brings.


Handprint to show support for Voice and commitment to working together.


Speech box to reflect listening to important messages of Truth-telling from Aboriginal Leaders of the past and present.


Communal Artwork - Listen to the Heart Mural 


In 2023 we meet a historic moment - the chance for our nation to vote YES on a referendum for a constitutionally enshrined First NationsVoice to Parliament.

To prepare our hearts for this moment, Safina Stewart has created a collective mural activity, using these graphics, as a way of inviting your community to listen to the many voices that have been calling for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice and justice in these lands; to reflect on these voices; and then to add your own voices and assemble them all in one community artwork.

This creative action was originally shared with churches to engage with on Aboriginal Sunday 2023, but can be used by schools, churches or faith communities at any time throughout the year. 

We would love you to consider how your school, faith or church community can engage in this communal artwork by providing a wall or other space to set up this creative action that can evolve as you add to and continue reflecting on throughout the year.

Common Grace will provide more opportunities for you to use it if you are interested, as we consider the referendum on a First Nations Voice to Parliament and campaign to #RaiseTheAge in 2023. 

This mural artwork can also serve as a focal point for your school or church to begin conversations with your local community about the need for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices to be heard. It will also assist in highlighting your church’s vision to partner with God to see the flourishing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. 

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